What I say, comes from the heart

What I say, comes from the heart

“Is it important to know my vital statistics? I am words on a page, thoughts in the ether. Make up your own mind as to who I am, where I come from and where I’m going. I am defined by all my actions and by my honesty. I am deep, I am shallow. I am, after all, human.”

When I wrote the above, I think I was trying to be incredibly ‘deep’ and ‘mystical’ – in truth, I am neither! I am a mother but not a domestic goddess. I am still young enough to be ambitious, but old enough to know it doesn’t matter if I don’t get there quickly enough. I am a long-time married, with reasonable expectations of our relationship (a cup of tea in the morning is enough!) I have enough friends to give me friendship and support, but not too many that my Facebook status reads like a secondary-school register.

I have experienced lots of changes in my life and this blog is an opportunity to document ‘life’ in my own way. I’ve especially separated out my blog posts into different areas, because life isn’t as straightforward as a continuous roll. I hope there is enjoyment, empathy, support and understanding for what I am about to share. Who knows, elements could be your life too. It may go to show, we are not alone.

Oh – why ‘prettyshoes’? It’s simple – I really do LOVE shoes!! It just seemed apt!


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